Things are better, but not perfect…

Rob Galbraith has written what will finally be his final input on the autofocus issues that have caused some bad PR for Canon with the 1D bodies. … -9068-9357

I've read over it a few times, as I own a 1D3. It's interesting that the issue is more pronounced on fast telephotos. I shoot sport stuff with a 100-400 and always at 5.6 and I've never experienced serious issues with the AF. I've actually found it to be the best performing AF camera I've ever owned.

I'm shooting a national baseball tournament this week and I'll really pay attention to the performance of the AF. I wish I had a 300 2.8 to try out.

I'm pretty certain things are going to perform terrific.

Interesting read nonetheless.

I do agree with him when he says the images the 1D3 produces are the best out there currently. There is a level of clarity and natural tone that not even the “famed” D3 matches. It really is a pleasure. I'm still a happy owner.

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