Roger at was bored a little while ago and decided to try his hand at marketing for the photography world!

Somedays I get bored with testing. Somedays I have to read new product release blurbs and get nauseous. And somedays I find something funny on the internet.

All three of these happened the other day, which led to me randomly corresponding with Seb Pearce about my thoughts that today’s photography marketing blurbs were so boring they might as well be generated by a computer. Which, led, of course, to generating random photography marketing blurbs by a computer – basically I collected a bunch of over used adjectives and phrases and Seb designed an engine to string them together fairly randomly. Then we threw in a bit of extra verbiage that I just thought should be there as Easter Eggs.

So if you’re bored (or maybe laid off your marketing department and need some copy for that new lens you’re about to release), follow the link, click on Generate and see what you get. It might be amusing, or it might be almost indistinguishable from a manufacturer’s website.

Try the Random Photography Marketing Generator at

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