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Rumored Canon Cinema EOS C500 Mark II specifications [CR1]

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The successor to the Canon Cinema EOS C500 is expected this fall, and these are the rumored specifications that have been sent to us.

Canon Cinema EOS C500 Mark II Specifications: (Rumored)

  • Full-frame sensor
  • RAW internal recording (both 4K and 2K). 4K is up to 60p, 2K up to 120p.
  • Optional XF-AVC recording in 4:2:2 10 bit (4K up to 60p, 2k up to 120p)
  • User interchangeable lens mount
  • Optional modules with EVF, genlock, timecode, 12G-SDI, etc
  • EF and PL mount available at launch
  • Power supply with BP-A series batteries, an optional module for V-Mount batteries
  • Optional module for 4x XLR inputs
  • Backwards compatibility with EVF-V70, LV-M1 and some other peripherals from previous Cinema EOS cameras
  • New media usage: CFExpress cards for faster readings and writing speed
  • WiFi and IP Streaming capabilities

If these specifications are true, Canon is not yet moving to 8K video camera. Which means the 8K camera used at the Apple event back in June isn’t the C500 Mark II.


Another source has told us a bit more about the Cinema EOS C500 Mark II. Firstly, they confirmed that it is indeed full-frame, and likely uses the sensor from the Cinema EOS C700 FF.

They also mentioned the camera is “truly modular” and looks like a C700 cut in half. It was also suggested that the modular system that we’re going to see with the Cinema C500 Mark II may carry over into future Cinema EOS camera designs.  Canon will likely make the modules compatible with more than one Cinema EOS camera.

We’ve been told that the Cinema EOS C500 Mark II will be announced ahead of IBC, which begins on September 12, 2019, in Amsterdam.

More to come…