The stuff I'm told
I'm told a lot of stuff every day about upcoming products, especially recently. Here are the CR1 rumors I've received in the last couple of weeks.

1) Announcement on March 10, 2010 (That would be a weird day of the week for an announcement, I'd expect the 8th or 9th as per Canon tradition)

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2) Canon is waiting for the upcoming “D700x” to introduce a new full frame camera.

3) A host of new professional products for WPPI. This would make availability of new lenses perfect for wedding photographers.

4) 3D!

5) Canon doesn't care about the EVIL market and isn't even doing R&D on such a camera type.

6) Some of the Big White Lenses get a redo for the World Cup in South Africa. They may just be test lenses, and not publicly available.

7) The 1Ds Mark IV is coming in February, March, April, May and for Photokina.

8) 5D Mark III for Photokina with serious video applications.

9) DIGIC V for Photokina.

10) G11 will be the last of the current “G” series design. Complete redo and model name for the next one.

These are rumors from people I've never heard from. So take them all with a grain of salt and we'll see what becomes of them.


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  1. I think Canon is smart enough not to get into the EVIL type of market. If you are looking at the micro 4/3rd system now. The only benefit is a smaller size. But that also comes with a high price tag($1500). If you are going to spend $1500, would you spend it on a DSLR or a micro 4/3rd? Also Canon needs to come up with a whole new set of lens for EVIL to keep the size down. And customers are going to pay for the R & D of them. That means the lenses will not be cheap.
    For Olympus and Panasonic, micro 4/3rd is their way to try to be in a nitch market since they cannot complete in DSLR with the Canon and Nikon.
    Also this is another way for them to seel more 4/3rd DSLR lenses (via adapter). Also they can also claim that they have a ‘complete” system with both 4/3rd DSLR and micro 4/3rd.
    As for Samsung have the vision of dominating the mirrorless camera market, I think they maen the point and shoot market, not the micro 4/3rd.

  2. Hope they bring the 60D.
    ATM there is nothing for ppl. who want an xxD body but for whom the 7D is overkill.

    Comme on Canon!

  3. Some rumours have linked a Canon release announcement to March 10th at the Focus show in Birmingham. I have attended Focus on Imaging a number of times over the years. Among other things, it is a fine time for UK photographers to check out equipment, even those items seldom held in stock, among other opportunities. There are usually a number of releases, but I don’t recall any really major equipment launches ever being made there. The last day has a rather laid back feel, with an earlier closing time, retail stalls running out of stock, and most journalists having left. The idea of Canon choosing this setting, on the last day [10th March] in particular, for a major release seems rather implausible.

  4. I’m ‘hoping’ the f2.8 400mm will get a facelift (weight reduction) – any more rumours about the big whites?

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