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SD4000 – A Brief Hands On

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The announcement of the SD4000 is pretty significant to the PowerShot line. It definitely tells us what else is coming down the pipe.

It uses a 10mp backlit CMOS sensor. This will apparently greatly improve high ISO performance.

I was told the sensor was made by Canon, I’m just trying to confirm it through other sources.

I had a chance to play with one for a few minutes today at the Canon booth.

The camera I shot these with was NOT a final production model.

IMG 0062 - SD4000 - A Brief Hands On
SD4000 - Red
IMG 0066 - SD4000 - A Brief Hands On
SD4000 - Black

These are High ISO sample images. Click for the full resolution images.

IMG 0064 2 - SD4000 - A Brief Hands On
ISO 1600 - Canon SD4000 - Click for Full Rez
IMG 0065 2 - SD4000 - A Brief Hands On
ISO 3200 - Canon SD4000 - Click for Full Rez

They aren’t pulitzer shots, but it should give you an idea what this little camera is capable of.

The shots were shot at 7.5mp and not the full 10mp. I only had about 20 seconds with the camera.

More to come later.


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  1. Any idea when this camera will be available to buy in US?
    amazon takes preorders but does not give a deadline …

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