• The following press release is Google Translated from Sigma Japan
  • You can see a breakdown of features and specifications here.
  • Sigma also has a medium telephoto lens for mirrorless in development.
  • It doesn't look like Canon's EF-M mount is of any interest to Sigma at this time.

SIGMA CORPORATION (President: Kazuhito Yamaki) announces the development of high-performance large aperture wide lens SIGMA 16 mm F1.4 DC DN | Contemporary which compatibilizes F1.4 and compactness.

SIGMA 16 mm F1.4 DC DN | Contemporary is the first interchangeable lens for Sony E Mount's APS-C mirrorless camera, equivalent to 24 mm f / 1.4 in terms of 35 mm format (for Micro Four Thirds, 32 mm F1 .4 equivalent). Mirror-less camera user is a long-awaited large aperture wide-angle lens.

Adopting a number of special lenses in a luxurious lens configuration comparable to interchangeable lenses for full size single lens reflex cameras. While fully utilizing the latest optical design technology, it fully compatible with camera aberration correction function. Suppresses various aberrations, achieving high resolution from aperture opening. In addition, by adopting optical design and stepping motor suitable for movie AF, natural focus work by autofocus is possible. It also has a simple dust and drip-proof mechanism such as sealing of the mounting part.

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