It looks like Sigma is going to expand their cinema line of lenses by announcing three new cine lenses ahead of IBC 2018, which begins on September 13, 2018.

Lenses to be announced:

  • Sigma 28mm T/1.5 FF
  • Sigma 40mm T/1.5 FF
  • Sigma 105mm T1.5 FF

As we mentioned yesterday, Canon will be announcing a new professional broadcast focused 4K camcorder, new Cinema EOS accessories and a couple of new broadcast lenses.

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  1. Optical derivatives of still camera lenses?
    The 105mm T/1.5, definitely. The two other lenses could be the precursors of their Art counterparts, as the 85mm T/1.5 was the precursor of the 85mm f/1.4 DG HSM | Art.
  2. Yeah, 2 of these don't really match. I do think it's a harbinger for a couple new unreleased stills lenses. Notably, the 35 is the oldest Art lens, so a 40 might be quite welcome, with the newer coatings, sealing and AF reliability.

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