Getting ready for more stuff
I added a searchbox at the top right corner. It seems to search articles pretty well.

I moved the top ad banner down, I didn't like the way it looked at the top and for other reasons. I hope you don't find the smaller text ads annoying. I might tweak the colors a bit to make it less “BAM!”

There's also space for a new text menu across the top that I will use for reviews and other things.

The logo is gone for a sec while I redesign a resize. I just thought the header before was taking up way too much screen space.

I made a post on the old Canon Rumors RSS feed about the feed address update, hopefully that helped a few of you. A complete oversight on my part.

Thanks for reading



  1. I think, it’s “less ‘BAM!'” enough. The new search function might come in handy, tough. :-)

    Keep it up!

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