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Boring Stuff
I’m free!

I no longer have a “day job”. I am now solely Canon Rumors and Lens Rentals Canada.

I will have a lot more time to focus on this site, which I’m looking very forward too.

Soft Sell
I believe in the soft sell and try not to have too many ads on the site.

A lot of great work has been put into our new and improved price watch pages. Some of you may have noticed. There are a lot more retailers and the prices are about as accurate as humanly possible.

Whenever you buy from any of the price watch links, Canon Rumors receives financial support. This is now my livelyhood, so if you wouldnt mind….. :)

If you don’t, please do not feel guilty. Support your local stores if you have them. They’re important parts of our community.

Thanks to Gordon for the great work on the price watch pages.

Thanks to the readers for allowing this life change.


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  1. Congratulations on ditching the day job and going full time with your site! I made the move back towards the beginning of this year and so far it’s been great. Now I freelance and run my site full time and loving it :) Good luck and keep up the great work.

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