Lost in the anticipation of the EOS 5D Mark IV announcement in August, is the likelihood of new EOS M camera(s) in the fall for Photokina. We've been told that there will definitely be 2 ILC EOS M cameras announced before the end of 2016.

One of the cameras that will be announced is a follow-up to the EOS M3 which was announced in February of 2015 and didn't make its way to North America until October of 2015. The new camera we're told will be equipped with the new sensor from the EOS 80D and will see “minor” ergonomic changes.

The second camera, which may actually be announced first will be Canon's first “prosumer” focused mirrorless camera. Two sources have said that the camera will use a newly designed 24mp full frame image sensor. This camera will be designed to use EF lenses, but how that's going to be done is presently unknown to us. Details beyond that are quite fuzzy, but we're pressing for more.

We haven't heard anything more about a fixed lens full frame camera from Canon, but we hope that's coming as well.

Expect 3 to 5 new EF-M lenses to be announced before the close of the year. There will be faster prime lenses along with new zooms, but nothing beyond 300mm.

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