Below are the rumored specifications for the Sony a6100 and a7000 cameras coming from Sony. There is a lot of bang for your buck in these spec lists. We should know shortly if the specs are true or not.

A6100 and A7000:
28 MP BSI 23.5×15.6mm
399 PDAF
Updated CDAF routines
Low-light focusing and metering -3 EV
Touchscreen LCD, 3.15″, 1.2M screen dots
ISO 64-51200 (expansion L1: ISO 50, expansion H1: 102400, multi-frame NR: ISO 204800)
Silent electronic shutter up to 1/32000
Orientation sensor
4K in-camera recording
1080p HFR (high frame rate)
Can record two JPEG sizes simultaneously (e.g. full-size and small-size) either in JPEG or RAW+JPEG mode
Can record still photos (in 16:9 aspect ratio) while recording video
USB 3.0

A6100 only:
The EVF is the same as A6000, EVF cannot be used while LCD is in selfie position
The LCD can facilitate selfie photographers: 180 degrees up, 70 degrees down
Mechanical shutter same as A6000, standard durability
Continuous mode: Same as A6000
No weather sealing
No headphone port
Flash same as A6000
Standard set of buttons
Standard RAW/JPEG buffer
SDXC UHS-II, very fast write-out
Weight: 352g
Dimensions: 117x70x48mm
Battery life about 440 shots
Price about $900

A7000 only:
The EVF is 2.36M, 100%, 0.85%
The LCD can't do selfies: 90 degrees up, 82 degrees down
Mechanical shutter 1/8000, extra durability (rated at 200,000 shots)
Continuous mode: 14.5 fps
Has weather sealing (kit lens won't be weather-sealed but weather-sealed lenses will be announced later)
Has headphone port
Has a user-selectable OLPF which can be switched on or off
Flash range at ISO 100: 9m, can act as a wireless flash commander
Advanced set of buttons
Large RAW/JPEG buffer
Dual SDXC UHS-II, very fast write-out
Dual memory card write modes: 1) Raw in Card1, JPEG/movies in Card2; 2) RAW/JPEG in Card1, movies in Card2; 3) Everything in Card1, auto-backup in Card2
Special deletion modes provided: User can delete photo or movie from one card while retaining it in the other card (when a suitable write mode is selected), or can delete it from both cards
GPS/GLONASS/Beidou satellite receiver
Digital compass
Basic world map for satellite provided, advanced maps will be available as paid app update
Special mode: can be set to automatically take photo(s) or video when camera satellite receiver detects it has entered a user-specified geographical area or is within a user-specified distance from a user-specified geographical spot
Weight: 411g
Dimensions: 125x76x55mm
Battery life about 400 shots
Price about $1300

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