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Speedlite 220EX II

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From an Email

“The 220EX II is confirmed”

Short and sweet.

This post is still a rumor, I’ve found no confirmation of the flash. I haven’t rated the rumor because it was an anonymous email.


33 responses to “Speedlite 220EX II”

  1. Interesting reading. 27 replies (so far) about a rumour with so low credibility that it didn’t even get a credibility rating.

  2. It’s from a technology point of view Johnny boy. D3 is better than a 1D MK3 and 1Ds MK3 period. I’ve been waiting for a 1D MK3 replacement since its been aging. The 5D MK2 is a very good camera but I need an all in one with low noise high ISO and good frame rate. 12 megapixels are good enough for now. Hence, the D3. And the D4 will be out the end of this year. I’ve been shooting canon since the 20D and have been a happy customer.

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