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Speedlite 700 EX [CR2]

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New flash coming?
I received an email about the possiblity of a new flash being added to the Speedlite lineup. It won’t be a replacement of the 580 EX II.

Specs (very few)

  • Higher Guide Number
  • 1.6, 1.3, 1.0 Crop Modes
  • Better Vertical Swivel
  • Metering from 10mm(EF-S)-250mm
  • Weather Sealed
  • New Battery Door

I could see this coming at PMA, There’s definately a market for higher end flashes.The p

The previous 1Ds post wasn’t supposed to appear, I had it set as a draft. The rumor is old and one of them recycled from here already. Thanks for the heads up Adam, posting from an iPhone can be annoying.