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Speedlite 700 EX [CR2]

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New flash coming?
I received an email about the possiblity of a new flash being added to the Speedlite lineup. It won’t be a replacement of the 580 EX II.

Specs (very few)

  • Higher Guide Number
  • 1.6, 1.3, 1.0 Crop Modes
  • Better Vertical Swivel
  • Metering from 10mm(EF-S)-250mm
  • Weather Sealed
  • New Battery Door

I could see this coming at PMA, There’s definately a market for higher end flashes.The p

The previous 1Ds post wasn’t supposed to appear, I had it set as a draft. The rumor is old and one of them recycled from here already. Thanks for the heads up Adam, posting from an iPhone can be annoying.


14 responses to “Speedlite 700 EX [CR2]”

  1. If they make a 700 EX, I hope they make it with a really strong hotshoe. I stumbled in the snow in November and broke the plastic hotshoe off my 580 EX. $90 to fix. #@%*()!!

  2. @EdN

    Sorry plastic hotshoe for a new one? The new 580 II and 230 II have a metal version this one will have it to

  3. EdN I broke mine off, totaly my fault but I ordered the part and fixed it myself for under $5 and got 2 spare at the same time. Canon was very helpful in finding and selling me the part.

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