There appears to be stock of the Canon EOS R5 body only at the Canon USA store. It's showing in stock on the site and in cart.

Whatever stock is available definitely won't last long.

Canon EOS R5 at Canon USA

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  1. Sadly they are definitely NOT in stock. I ordered one saturday morning, when it showed in stock on the website, in stock through checkout, they pre-authorized my card for the amount, and sent me a confirmation email -- all steps showed it was in stock.

    Monday morning, "recent orders" shows backordered, and talked to two layers of phone support with Canon direct sales -- they are NOT in stock. Canon simply does not know how to make a web store is the apparent reason.

    It will show "in stock" sometimes when they are receiving them and sending out backorders. They could not give any kind of ETA or any reason why the website (as of Monday morning) still shows that the R5 body is in stock.

    They also claimed it was a browser issue, because of "cookies" -- none of which makes sense if they had any idea what they're doing.

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