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Site Outage
Well that was annoying as heck.

For the first time ever, I didn’t actually break the site!

Very sorry about that.

I can admit when i get bilked.

I got bilked.

None of my solid sources has said anything about the T1/2000D, I only received info from new folks. It didn’t work out.

This is the first time we’ve blown it for a release date. I won’t post anything about it until I get some more solid info from better places.

I’m sorting out some site stuff and will be posting some new stuff in the next 2 hours.

Thanks for reading everyone, I really do appreciate it.


111 responses to “Stuff”

  1. The T1i/500D was announced 14 months after the XSi/500D. I would imagine that the T1/2000D will be the same which would be August

  2. It is useless to announce a new beginner camera to be released after the summer vacations.
    Anyway, Canon cameras are usually available 2-3 months after the official announcement.

  3. My assessment: They’re gouging with the 500D in peak season before undercutting it with a cheaper model.

    In any case it seems like interest in the 1000D has been pretty thin compared to all the attention the XSi and T1i get. I’d be curious to see sales numbers.

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