Canon rethinking?
I've received some info that Canon may be rethinking not launching the SX1 IS in North America. It could hit this side of the Atlantic in March. There's is supposedly a plan to raise CMOS production at the end of January for the camera.

The production increase will also be for sensors for other P&S CMOS cameras in the spring.

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  1. The PowerShot SX10 IS is virtually the same camera as the PowerShot SX1 IS model?!?!?!?

    What is wrong with this comment. CMOS vs CCD, VGA vs FullHD, no they are totally different cameras.

    For those who really wants it, import from UK, a company is selling it for £413 + 22 shipping to the world. Big lost of Canon US

  2. I am going to have one shipped over from Switzerland. Canon is certainly making a big mistake by not selling this model here. And what is with their crappy comment about the SX10 being virtually the samw as the SX1? You have got to be kidding me.

  3. I have to agree with this thread. This is a big disappointment and, I believe, a big mistake on Canon’s part. I currently own an S5 IS, and I like it a lot. I especially like the versatility it provides – long lens, video capture, decent quality images (but not perfect mainly due to color aberrations in bright light) etc. I want to upgrade, but the SX10 is not worth it. It has a higher optical zoom – 20x vs. 12x, but it is otherwise very similar in quality of images and video.

    Now the SX1 IS is in another league all together. The HD quality video, enhanced image quality, 4.2 frames per second burst, plus the extra zoom. I hope Canon will bring this camera to North America. I can wait till March, if that’s what it takes. If not, maybe I’ll have to order one from the UK :)

  4. I finally moved up to my first dSLR last year (Nikon D40) after previously shooting with a Canon S2 and S3. I also want the SX1 and will not settle for the SX10. I may have to import one from HK. I really do not understand this marketing strategy (and can’t be because of CMOS production limitations–we’re in a global recession–most people are restricting capital purchases).

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