Weekly thing?
An email claiming Canon will announce the T1/2000D on July 7, 2009 arrived a short while ago.

“It was scheduled for last tuesday, but since three delays caused so much expectations, management area decided to wait a little more and announce it next week with a lot of fanfare.”

That seems doubtful, I can't see the T1/2000D garnering a lot of “fanfare”.

Another suggestion is Canon is waiting for the D3000 announcement. It's rumored Nikon will omit video from it. All signs point to the T1/2000D having video. +1 for Canon.

Still, no CR3 sources have said anything in regards to the T1/2000D.


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  1. ok lets just hate me becuse i find missing features rediculus i got into photography shoting a rebel i now shoot a 40d and there is no comparison.

    even with a cheap dslr your going to get crap results without nice glass so regardless it is not a wallet friendly art form

  2. If I buy a DSLR, it has nothing to do with a P&S. I want good quality images, high dyn range, possibly low DOF.

    Also, I’ve tried the 18km to my work with my car, the train and the bicycle. The latter always wins at under 30 minutes, although my car has higher pixels, eh, PS.

  3. having owned with a rebel XT and currently owning a 1D mkIII I agree that the glass makes all the difference, but you need to realize that a lot of people buy entry level DLSR cameras as uber P&S cameras, not because they intend to be photographers, be that artistic professional or whatever else. A lot of people are better off with these cameras than with the alternative, and its simply not worth it to them to pay for a better camera. Obviously people who hawk all day on gear forums, like you and I, do care enough to pay the difference, and have entirely different expectations of performance. remember that camera companies make just as much, if not more, from the entry level sales as they do pro body sales, and that all feeds off the same technology base as all the other DSLR bodies, just at a reduced quality and cost. So the money Canon makes from these cameras goes into paying their workers to make all the cameras, the lenses, the flashes, etc… that we do want, and some of it goes to pay for development of better technology, like sensors, and AF that everyone benefits from. Its obvious that you don’t want a 2000D, probably only about 5% of the people who read this blog do, but that’s no reason to attack it by calling it ‘not a real camera’ lots of people have gotten good results from POSH cameras, some with luck and some with skill, just because you personally find it intolerable to use (as do I) does not call for this epic ballad of hate on the least expensive camera in Canon’s line-up.

  4. The T1i/500D was announced 14 months after the XSi/500D. I would imagine that the T1/2000D will be the same which would be August

  5. The T1i/500D was announced 14 months after the XSi/450D. I would imagine that the T1/2000D will be the same which would be August

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