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T1/2000D Announcement…. Again [CR1]

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Weekly thing?
An email claiming Canon will announce the T1/2000D on July 7, 2009 arrived a short while ago.

“It was scheduled for last tuesday, but since three delays caused so much expectations, management area decided to wait a little more and announce it next week with a lot of fanfare.”

That seems doubtful, I can’t see the T1/2000D garnering a lot of “fanfare”.

Another suggestion is Canon is waiting for the D3000 announcement. It’s rumored Nikon will omit video from it. All signs point to the T1/2000D having video. +1 for Canon.

Still, no CR3 sources have said anything in regards to the T1/2000D.


85 responses to “T1/2000D Announcement…. Again [CR1]”

  1. wow lets just hate on entry cameras. yeah they’re not up to pro standards. duh, but it helps a lot of people make better images for their home life, and canon a lot of $$$ to put into R&D with stuff we do care about. so chill, no one is going to make you buy one, much less shoot an ad campaign with one.

  2. I guess you hate them because they made the world of photography cheap as every one can join thanks to those cheap dslrs

  3. +1

    Either one I would be happy with, but the 16-120 would be sweet. We need some further confirmation on this please.

    Wonder what they would be price at? Nikon’s 18-105 VR goes for about $350 US, so I’m assuming it would be a fair bit more than that due to the larger aperture?

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