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T1/2000D Specs [CR2]

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The Final Specs?
This is apparently what we will be seeing from Canon shortly.

T1/2000D Specifications

  • 15.1mp
  • 7 AF points
  • 3fps
  • ISO 100-3200
  • 3″ ClearView LCD (Not Articulating)
  • 720P Video (30fps & 24fps) NO 1080p
  • SD Card
  • USB 2.0
  • HDMI Out
  • Video Out
  • LP-E5 Battery

I’m still hearing Tuesday for the announcement. No CR3 sources have piped up yet.

A few points I’d like to make about this spec list and how it compares to the T1i.

– If this spec list is true, then I’d expect a firmware update for the T1i. Adding 24fps or 30fps 1080p video.
– I’d also expect the T1i to have a bigger and brighter viewfinder.
– There will be probably be software differences withing the cameras like the XS and XSi.
– The 3fps would probably be for jpg, retaining the 1.5fps in RAW of the XS.
– Perhaps no face detection LiveView focusing.


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  2. EF-S 16-105. I would rather it was 18-105. 16mm a bit to wide for a zoom barrel distortion will be huge.

  3. Canon and Nikon have to come up with entry level DSLRs in $400-$500 (300-400pounds) .. with minimum features. It shud be a point and shoot DSLR with HD video. This will be biggest market for both. Rather than pushing people to buy more expensive more featured cameras.

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