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T1/2000D Announcement Next Tuesday? [CR2]

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I received a straight to the point email. It stated we can expect an announcement from Canon on Tuesday, June 30, 2009.

What will be announced?

Not what you want!

T1/2000D should be making its way into the mainstream.

No spec list was sent, I expect one soon.


45 responses to “T1/2000D Announcement Next Tuesday? [CR2]”

  1. heh never heard of N,C giving tips to rumor sites. unless they do it to do some marketing research (which would be a terrible idea IMO).

  2. EF-S Lenses…? could use a 28mm prime, a 28mm macro, and a 24mm pancake! Zooms annoy me.

  3. @ rwpl

    I was thinking more refreshes of a few of the older zooms. a wider zoom. like nikon 14-24, a 200-400, also a nikon idea, and something similar to the sigma 120-300 f/2.8. I would also expect to see refreshes of the entire macro line, adding IS to them as well as optical improvements. I also expect refresh of the 45mm and 90mm TS-E lenses, and the 35mm f/1.4. I would like a fisheye with USM motor and weather sealing (presumably L-series). The entire super tele line-up is do for refresh soon. they’re 10 years old now. They don’t really need it from an optical standpoint, but they could be made somewhat smaller and lighter with current technolgy, and the IS would be much improved.

    Personally I would like to see something similar to the leica tri-elmar lenses, where rather than being a zoom it contains three distinct focal lengths. This would be ideal if they could practically exceed a 2.8 aperture for them. think about a 50 f/1.4, a 85mm f/1.8, and a 100 f/2 in a single package.

    @ fred. 28mm macro? why bother with a macro at such a wide focal length, you get no working distance if you’re close enough to have any kind of magnification. also 28mm prime exists, could use refreshes though. there are f/2.8 cheap and f/1.8 with USM versions.

    also what is the advantage of pancake lenses? legit question, I honestly don’t get how having a tiny lens is good, small I understand, Tiny doesn’t make sense to me.

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