DPreview did an interview with Tamron executives at the CP+ show last month.

They asked the following question about, of course, Sony, and got back a rather intriguing answer.

How important is the Sony customer base to you now?

Very important. Everybody is going to mirrorless. Canon and Nikon will launch full-frame mirrorless cameras, probably in the near future. When this happens, we can easily make Canon and Nikon versions of our [native] E-mount lenses. The same design could work for [multiple mirrorless mounts].

Unpacking this a bit more Tamron is assuming here that not only is Canon and Nikon going mirrorless, they are going mirrorless with a short registration distance camera mount.

As we have already posted today, it certainly looks like Canon is testing future mirrorless cameras, the big question left that just about everyone wants to know – what mount will it be? Will Canon disrupt the industry once again and come out with with a new mount? Will they use the EF-M mount or will they use the fact that they have over 130 million good reasons to keep with the EF mount and stay with the status quo.




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