*Update* I am apparently blind and didn't see the ring at the top of the lens, this is definitely a zoom. I'd like to think Tamron wouldn't tease an APS-C superzoom, but……

Not to be outdone by Sigma's recent 14-24mm f/2.8 DG HSM Art series lens announcement, it looks like Tamron has a new prime in store for us. Photo Rumors found the first teaser for the lens.

Tamron tends to make similar focal length primes as Sigma, but they're usually a bit slower.

Could this be a 100mm f/2 VC or a 135mm f/2 VC? Or like a few people on the forum think, it could be a zoom. Hopefully it's something for full frame DSLRs.

Sound off in the forum on what you hope this new Tamron is.

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