You guys know everything
I'm quite happy I asked for help on the site. I found tons of backpacks I didn't realize existed.

I have a winner (for now).

I chose the Kata R-104.

Why? Because I could get it at cost and will have it in time, guaranteed! Sometimes ordering from the US can bring a lot of delays. Not everything suggested here has a Canadian distributor.

I think I will be ordering the Gura Gear Kiboko when I return and see how it is. Bummer about their backorder.

Tamrac and Tenba make some stuff that looks very interesting to. I will be seeking out stores with their stuff in stock.

So thanks again and back to the rumors!


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  1. Good choice. I use the Kata MC-61 for video gear. Tough bags, good designs. My only hesitation on traveling with it is they scream “Camera Gear Inside.”

  2. Sounds exactly like my decision before I left for a few weeks in Hawaii last year! I ended up in a Love/Hate relationship w my Kata R-103. It’s rugged and will keep everything very safe, but some of the design elements went a little to far. Too much padding in some places & I wish all the inside pockets were see through.

  3. Does it really matter? Some people whine for the sake of it.

    I don’t mind cr

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