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The 5D Mark II: Happy 4th Anniversary!

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The 5D Mark II
Mitch at Planet5D reminded us that today marks the 4th anniversary of the Canon EOS 5D Mark II, quite possibly the most important and successful DSLR Canon or anyone else has ever released. We already know it changed the video world forever, but it also changed the still photography world. How many people do you know that the 5D Mark II was their first DSLR? I used to work in retail and saw it a lot.

Do you remember the first time you saw “Reverie“? I do, I was floored. I think the entire world’s mouth was collectively open in awe.

Sales wise, I remember a huge retailer in Canada telling me that in 2009 the 5D Mark II was 25% of their TOTAL revenue for the year. Canon sold so many of these cameras, and they continue to sell today… 4 years on!

The 5D Mark II was also my first big camera launch here at Canon Rumors, and I completely blew it! I was away in Niagara Falls with my inlaws from Ireland and ignored the site on launch night. It was my first lesson in how crazy us photogeeks are, I haven’t missed a launch since. :)

Happy anniversary to a wonderful photographic and videography tool, and I suspect people will still be using you for years to come.


Source: [P5D]


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