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This information comes from a very good source, think the famed “tsiphoto” type of contact.

So here it is, the 40D isn't being replaced for Photokina. The 40D will live on, but at a reduced price. The body will be $999 USD before any rebates come the fall.

What Canon is doing is adding 2 models between the 40D and 1D Mark 3, I think this rumor has been around for a long time.

This is what's coming (My source doesn't have exact model names.)

Canon EOS 6D (unknown model name)

Resolution: 15mp Full Frame
FPS: 5fps
AF: 9 point
ISO: 100-3200
Memory Card: CF
Sealing: Some (40D)
Feature: Live View w/AF
Price: $1999 USD

Canon EOS 3D(unknown model name)

Resolution: 20mp Full Frame(Sounds unbelievable, but true)
FPS: 5fps
AF: 9 point
ISO: 50-6400
Memory Card: CF
Proc: DIGIC IV (if they use “4”)*UPDATED*
Sealing: Yes, Full.
Feature: Live View w/AF
Feature: Movie Mode
Price: $2999 USD

Canon's lineup for Christmas will be;

Rebel XS
Rebel XSi
1D Mark III
1Ds Mark III

Is the “3D” close to the 1ds3? Yes it is, there will be an upgrade of the camera well before the 3 year product lifecycle of the last 2. Nikon has shown Canon they need to do more than incremental updates to their cameras.

I will have more information later in the day.

I will say that I am completely confident in my source, but only time will prove it.

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