While we've tried to confirm without any doubt that the EOS 7D Mark III is not coming in 2018, we haven't done so yet. However, we're 80% sure that'll be the case.

The first APS-C DSLR cameras will be three new Rebels next month ahead of CP+. Why are there three Rebels coming? We're thinking each one must have a specific focus, because that is a lot of Rebels in the series, a series that continues to drop in sales.

We're told that an EOS 80D replacement is currently marked for the second half of 2018. The EOS 90D will show “further separation from the EOS 77D” .  The 90D will receive an all-new sensor to the lineup once it is announced, so that tells us it won't share a sensor with the upcoming Rebel's or EOS M50. The camera will also have a new version of DPAF, but we're not sure if it will be the first camera in the lineup to receive it. There is no mention of the mythical “4K” capability and we don't want to guess either way.

Beyond that, we're too far out to have any real idea of how the camera will be specced out.

The 2018 roadmap isn't in focus at all yet, and we seem to be receiving an increase in vague and conflicting information. We're instead waiting for some confirmation from folks we trust and that have a good track record.

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