It looks like the follow-up to the Canon EOS Rebel SL2 will be coming very soon, perhaps even this week.

The camera will be called the EOS Rebel SL3, Rebel 200D II, Rebel 250D or Kiss X10 depending on where the camera is sold.

The expected shipping date is April 25, 2019.

Canon EOS Rebel SL3 Specifications: (Google translated)

  • APS-C size equivalent CMOS sensor with about 24.1 million effective pixels
  • DIGIC 8
  • Equipped with “Digital Lens Optimizer”
  • Equipped with “Auto Lighting Optimizer”
  • Dual pixel CMOS A” enabled
    • It supports an area of ​​approximately 100% (vertically) and approximately 88% (horizontally) of the imaging surface
    • At the time of optional selection of AF area, it is possible to select from up to 3,975 positions
    • When AF area is automatically selected, ranging with up to 143 divisions is possible
  • Low brightness limit EV-4 is realized during live view shooting
  • During Live View shooting, “Puit AF” is activated to detect the subject's pupil with pinpoint and focus on Servo AF / Movie Servo AF setting as well.
  • Equipped with “one spot AF”
  • Capable of 4K (24p / 25p) high-definition movie shooting
  • It is equipped with “4K frame cutout” which saves any one frame as a JPEG image of about 8.3 million pixels only by camera operation
  • At the time of movie photography, camera shake correction of five axes is possible at the time of wearing of correspondence lens by the use of gyro sensor
  • Equipped with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  • Size: 122.4 x 92.6 x 69.8 mm
  • Weight: Black / Silver 402g · White 404g (body only), Black / Silver 449g · White 451g (CIPA compliant)
  • Kit: Body (Black), Lens Kit (Black, White, Silver), Double Zoom Kit (Black)
  • Expected release date: April 25, 2019
  • Image is black and white 200D II for Southeast Asia, Silver is Kiss X 10
    • The name is Rebel SL3 in the United States, 250D in Europe, and 200D in Asia.

Nokishita reports: (Google Translated)

The domestic name of the Canon EOS Kiss X9 successor was confirmed with “EOS Kiss X10”. The lens kit is 3 colors (black, white, silver) and the body and double zoom kit are black only. It should start booking this week.

certgraphic 728x154 - The Canon EOS Rebel SL3/200D II/250D/Kiss X10 is coming very soon. Images & specifications leak ahead of the official announcement

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  1. I wonder what sensor it will use.
    I hope its a new one and not the 80d sensor.
    Probably the 5DIV sensor with the edges cut off with a scissors. They seem to have loads of them
  2. Probably same sensor, processor and features as the M50 (like cropped 4k without DPAF)

    Maybe, but maybe not. Advertising the frame cutout photo feature may suggest otherwise. Unless if photographers are also seeking cropped images.
  3. I’m’really wondering what’s the point of such camera now
    The R-System starts at ~1500,-€ ... not everyone wants to pay that. The upcoming DSLRs (250D, 850D, 88D, 90D) are in a price range from 500,- to 1200,-€.
  4. Forum: The DSLR is dead.
    Canon: Long live the DSLR.
    It's even more specific than that. If you look back over the discussions it's been –
    Forum: The SL series is dead
    Canon: Here is our new SL3

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