10x07065234134 - The Canon Wonder Camera
A Canon Concept
This is a concept camera from Canon. The idea behind it is one camera, one lens, do everything. It could go from Macro all the way to 500mm and still be fast.

Canon displayed this concept at EXPO 2010.

Follow this link the video

engadget via gizmag


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  1. Whats all the sarcastic comments about? years ago, we never dreamt of cameras being able to do a tenth of what this camera could do. At least, it will comfortably knock off all your cameras put together. 20 yrs from now is just a forecast. Production companies usually dont take that long to produce stuff that have been on the exhibition stand cos their competitors are definitely not foolish enough to let them take over their markets. Watch out, i hope we dont get shoked about something more revolutionary compared to this in 10years.

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