We're hearing very little about new DSLRs from Canon, outside of a few mentions about the replacement for the EOS 80D.

We're told that the next version of the camera will be a “big leap forward” for the line. With product cycles being longer, Canon is apparently aware that “future proofing” cameras will become an important part of their sales strategy.

The EOS 80D was announced 855 days ago at the time of this post.

The same source also claims there's a possibility that the EOS 80D replacement will not be called the “EOS 90D”, which is something we would find odd if true.

It sounds like a lot of marketing presentation information is at play here, as it's all very vague. However, it does line up with some of the changes internally at Canon that we've heard about.

There is no mention of when the replacement for the EOS 80D will be announced.

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