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The Mythical EOS 3D [CR1]

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Here we go again
I have received information from a CR3 source that Canon WILL introduce another camera to the lineup. The source has never given any specs.

I have avoided most 3D rumor spec lists because I haven’t received anything from a great source. This is a combined source rumor I received today. I’m posting it because it is a complete departure from the rest of the stuff I usually get.

Combined info from 2 sources
The 3D will introduce new sensor technology that will bring new levels of dynamic range and ISO performance. The camera will be geared to the wedding photography market.

3D Specs:
16.7mp FF
7.2 µm pixel pitch
Small magnesium alloy body similar to the 5D2
The camera will be priced above the 5D2. Possibly in the $4000-$4500 range with the 1D Mark IV.
Announcement for Photokina.

No information on autofocus system. Everyone hopes the 5D/5D2 system finally disappears.


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