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Real Chuck Westfall

CNET sat down with Chuck Westfall to discuss the future at Canon. Nothing overly exciting, but worth a read if you haven't' already.

My favourite question and response.

Nikon has been making market share gains in the last year. How does that change things for Canon in terms of pricing, marketing strategy, or product development?

Westfall: I'll say this: It's been very good for Canon as well as the rest of the industry and customers especially to have a very vigorous competition between the two companies. It works out to better products and very competitive pricing. We're in this business to stay. We don't back down from challenges. Our situation is pretty good. We are very well positioned in terms of our investment in R&D to be able to continue developing new products and technology to keep us at our No. 1 level. Based on the market research we've seen, although it is true that Nikon made some gains on us last year, we still ended up in the No. 1 position in units and dollars for both the SLR and compact camera categories.

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