Well a development DSLR did get announced. Not sure it'll be the “5D Mark III”, but it will probably fit in between the 5D3 and 1D X as far as price goes. No timeframe was given by Canon on this one.

I think this may be the first time Canon has announced an “in development” DSLR.

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*UPDATE* May be something, may be nothing  *BUSTED* [CR1]
I was told a while ago about the C300, and a Super35 camera coming down the pipe. It was reported here a few times.

What I was also told, and never posted, was that a Super35 DSLR was also coming. The source initially thought that was what the 1D X was going to be.

I'll see if I can find out more tomorrow.

A lot of chatter about a red “C”
The Twitter, Facebook and blogging world has become more interested in that EOS DSLR camera with the red “C” branding on it, than the C300 itself.

thereddot - *UPDATE 2* The Red Dot EOS DSLR

What is it?!
There are a few theories about it.

  1. It's a new DSLR and it will be announced soon. Canon leaked it.
  2. It's a 1D X and the logo will appear on the final production camera.
  3. It was added to the slide to show the cohesiveness of the new camera with the existing EOS family.
  4. They want to be more like Leica.

My opinion is it's either #2 or #3. I can't imagine no one at Canon picked up on the red “C” and leaked a new camera. I'm also of the belief a full EOS-1 sized body would not be where the 5D series heads.

If you look closely at the EOS-1 body and above the red “c”, you'll notice there is no branding or model number of any kind. Normally that's where “EOS-1D” would appear. If it was a new camera, there would probably be something else visible besides the “C”.

There will be more to come on this topic I'm sure. I'll let the rest of the world dissect what it means!


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