I have been told that there is one “major new feature coming in the EOS R5 for photographers”, unfortunately, I've spent the last couple of days trying to find out what that means with little success.

We have seen some bold marketing claims in the past, so I don't want to get too exciting, but Canon has definitely kept the stills photography crowd wondering what's coming in the EOS R5.

I wish I had more, but July 9, 2020, isn't too far off, so we'll know by then as the worst-case scenario.

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  1. AI trickery perhaps? Whatever it brings, I have to say, so far... if the hype lives up to expectations, the Eos R5 will be the most interesting mirrorless camera to date.
  2. Not a feature, but would absolutely love seeing a development announcement for a 5D Mark V with the promise to throw everything they can at it as a statement for their last DSLR.
  3. Multi-shot mode that is actually useful in that it works with flash (unlike every other mirrorless camera) making high resolution stills a very useful studio features rather than a headline grabbing/clickbait spec.
  4. I was wondering what they were holding back , there has been a lot about the video side and not much on the photography side , now we know they have been holding back some info , makes the 9th a bit more to look forward to .
  5. Price under 3500$?
    Eye-AF like my old Eos 3?
    Not face, but eye-AF?
    Continuous burst rate?
    something like HDR-mode for low noise?
    wireless live usage as an webcam?

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