A pro APS-C camera possible?
Earlier today we posted that there would be no Canon EOS 7D Mark II, we also have noticed this has appeared in a few other places on the web.

This got me thinking today whether or not it was possible that Canon would abandon this segment of the APS-C camera lineup. I came to the conclusion that they will not. It would simple not be a smart decision, however there could still be some truth to the “no 7D Mark II” statements passed around today.

What I do think is a possibility is that the camera will not be called the 7D Mark II, and be called something else. We have previously been told that a successor would have new and innovative video features. Perhaps we're going to see something along the lines of an EOS 7D C? Canon is fully behind Cinema EOS and will continue to develop that product line.

The other possibility is perhaps Canon just doesn't like the “7D” name and will simply rename it.

I, and others think Nikon will be releasing a replacement to the D300s and it only makes sense that Canon would do the same and replace the 7D. It's possible that Canon is waiting for Nikon to play their hand first.

I'm looking forward to finding out what Canon has planned in 2014…..


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