The Future of EOS Lenses

As I mentioned in “CR's Take”, it didn't seem overly viable.

A CR2-3 source has been telling me another non L EF prime is on the close horizon.

1Ds Mark IV
The first words about the camera in a while came in today. It was suggesting the camera would be a post Photokina camera.

New Video Camera Format
2 folks have said a new interchangeable lens video camera would be shown at Photokina. Canon has paid close attention to Sony & Panasonic.

EVIL (Eletronic Viewfinder Interchangable Lens)
There's something on the horizon from Nikon. However, Canon will be the last to the party.

I have a funny feeling that whenever Canon enters the segment, they'll be the first one to do it 100% right. Or am I kidding myself?

Before you ask; Yes, I like the “EVIL” acronym.


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  1. Besides, haven’t we already established that an EVIL system would need new lenses to fully realise the potential size and weight reduction?

    EF-S is just another legacy compatibility issue for an EVIL system.

  2. Bill Chicken on

    Just because the sources are unnamed doesn’t mean that it’s not factual. This entire site is built on information from inside connections at Canon. You don’t see the editor here naming names do you? Yet all the information he posts is accurate and time after time it ends up being right. Your just a nay-sayer why are you even on this site if you don’t beleive information from unnamed sources???

  3. Bill Chicken on

    Stop insulting people here you don’t know them ok? I come here because the information is almost ALWAYS right and I can find information almost a year ahead of time. And its not a circular rumer since that UK website got the information from here. CANONRUMORS #1.

  4. Bill Chicken on

    I’m not sure where the OP got his info but if it was posted on the home page then I’d say there’s a 99.99999% chance of it being true. I love sitting around with my photography buddies and shooting the breeze and I’ll tell them what’s coming up in the future with Canon and they don’t believe me. I always get the last laugh and their gradually catching on! And I refuse to tell them about this site because there starting to think I’m a god!

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