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The Future of EOS Lenses

As I mentioned in “CR’s Take”, it didn’t seem overly viable.

A CR2-3 source has been telling me another non L EF prime is on the close horizon.

1Ds Mark IV
The first words about the camera in a while came in today. It was suggesting the camera would be a post Photokina camera.

New Video Camera Format
2 folks have said a new interchangeable lens video camera would be shown at Photokina. Canon has paid close attention to Sony & Panasonic.

EVIL (Eletronic Viewfinder Interchangable Lens)
There’s something on the horizon from Nikon. However, Canon will be the last to the party.

I have a funny feeling that whenever Canon enters the segment, they’ll be the first one to do it 100% right. Or am I kidding myself?

Before you ask; Yes, I like the “EVIL” acronym.


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  1. Saw mention on NL about FCC licensing of some Canon wireless modules. I took a look on the FCC site and found some dates:

    FCC ID AZDK30326 is a Canon wireless LAN module that was approved in March, but some photos and other details are covered under a confidentiality agreement until 19 July 2010 (next Monday). It differs in shape and size from other modules that are included in the wireless transmitters, but that might not mean anything. Might see a PowerShot next week with WiFi, or a 60D with WiFi, or just a new wireless transmitter–for what body, though?

    FCC ID AZDBM70432, the one mentioned on NL, contains details that are marked as confidential until 1 September 2011. That might be related to the 5D3 or some accessory…or not.

    The dates might be of no relevance, though. Some documents relating to existing products were marked as confidential for months after the product was released. These could also be for printers or calculators.

  2. ummm…it’s spelled NIKON…you misspelled it countless times in other posts…obviously you don’t know anything about the industry much less have any real insider connections

  3. ??????? he had the dumbest fanboy post i’ve ever seen…and he misspelled rumor but then got it right the second time ????????????

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