Redoing the Tilt Shifts?
From an anonymous email:

A collegue has been testing a new tilt-shift lens from Canon….. It's 24mm and a bit faster than the current lens offered by Canon

The results have been a big improvement over the current model.

I have no idea when this lens could or would be released

It's a niche market product that a lot of people would be very much into. I'd be interested.



  1. The 45mm and 90mm TS-E lenses are not “L” lenses because they don’t contain ground aspheric, fluorite, or ultra-low dispersion lens elements. Keep in mind the TS-E lenses are essentially lenses with an image circle that is large enough to cover 6×6 roll film.

    Most standard and short telephoto prime lenses with modest apertures don’t need any exotic lens elements to provide good performance.

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