The much anticipated tilt shift gets reviewed

canon ts e 24mm f 35 l ii tilt shift lens side - TS-E 24mm f/3.5L II Review - DPR
I'm so good it hurts!

“So in the end we have a unique lens, which has capabilities beyond anything else currently on the market (Nikon's PC-E 24mm F3.5D ED comes close, but has the tilt axis fixed with respect to shift). It's certainly an improvement on its predecessor, with better optics (especially in terms of chromatic aberration), improved build, and of course more flexible movements. Against this is the high price, which is almost twice that of the older lens; but to be fair, it's only about 10% higher than the Nikon equivalent, and certain to drop once stocks of the older lens have sold out. But for Canon users who need the capabilities of a tilt and shift lens, and understand how to make the most of them, this lens will almost certainly not disappoint.”

There you have it. A glowing review.

I can't wait to get my hands on this lens!

Full Review: DPReview


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  1. Ummm no.

    The coatings help cut down on flare/increase transmission etc.

    Changing dispersion of the spectrum is controlled by doping regular glass with various elements or using non-glass elements altogether such as fluorite based ones.

    At best, perhaps the coatings cut down on enough flare and loss to allow them to do something different with the design in general but that would be a pretty indirect method.

    If they went and coated the 50mm 1.4 with the new coating it wouldn’t suddenly alter the dispersion characteristics of the lens elements.

  2. the 50 Æ’2.5 macro is an under estimated lens just because “macro” but sharpness, ca, and flatness of image is superb.

  3. went from 4X5 to fuji 6×680 to all canon 35mm digital and the tilt shift lenses are all good tools to get various jobs done.
    architectural, product, even specific portraiture… the TSE lenses are fabulous, yes the original 24TSE had its problems but I used it because no other tool dose what it dose and the new 24 TSE II is “ALL THAT” !!! it even replaced my 14mm for panoramas. shot shift L & R +11mm it covers the 14s width..
    Great going Canon!

  4. Dude,
    check out view camera books and tutorials, the mechanics of the tilt, shift, rise, fall swing movements are all from the view camera. although limited to movements, the 35mm TS lenses are derived from there… its all bout focus plane and image correction or distortion, and knowing the limitation of each lenses image circle.

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