I have been told that Canon's roadmap shows two more EOS R bodies are to be announced and released in 2021.

Both of the cameras were given “internal names”, with no mention of specifications or where the cameras would sit in the lineup.

If you look at it logically, there are probably 3 possibilities for the three cameras.

Since there won't be a direct EOS R replacement (EOS R6 will likely take its place), we can rule out that as a possibility.

The EOS RP could get a replacement, a new low-cost EOS R body. Perhaps an “EOS R9”.

We all expect a Canon EOS R1 to be coming down the pipeline, but with how the EOS R5 is looking, I could see such a body being pushed further into the future.

A high-megapixel version of the EOS R5, perhaps an EOS R5s or EOS R3 seems extremely likely. A studio and landscape version of the EOS R5 seems like a no-brainer for stills photographers.

More to come soon on this…

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