A 10% climb in pricing
Increase in pricing had already happened in a lot of countries, we now see it's official in the UK. You can expect to pay about 10% more for your Canon goodies.

The 5D Mark II and 50D are both part of the price increases as well as various “L” lenses.


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  1. Not only 10%. I bought a Mark III in the UK (calumet) just before years end at 2300 GBP, today the price is 3200 GBP!!!

  2. Yeah right. Most of the L series lenses have been hiked up by around 25% in the UK while the mass market products like the 1000D, EFS lenses and the G series are stable.
    Looks like once again the pros and discering amatuers are subsidising the high street price war in fast moving consumer lines, or to put it another way – We have to shell out because no one at Canon dare say “price increase” to Tescos.

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