We're told that Canon will announce at least one new Cinema lens at NAB in April. It will be an ultra wide angle zoom, while focal length is unknown, it will have an aperture of t/3.5, “lowering the cost compared to its t/2.8 cousins”, which makes it sound like it'll be compact zoom, as the standard wide angle cinema zooms are t/2.6.

We expect a lot more about NAB in the coming weeks as the show gets closer.

For the moment, we can confirm a Cinema EOS C300 Mark II which will record in 4K, as well as a Cinema EOS C500 Mark II coming to Las Vegas next month. We've also heard there is going to be a shoulder solution for the Cinema EOS bodies, which sounds like an accessory pack and not a shoulder designed Cinema EOS body. Although, we've heard such a camera is in the works.

On the consumer end of the spectrum, we will see a 4K G4H competitor.

More to come…

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