A couple of unreleased Canon cameras have appeared for certification. The two cameras are called the ML-100 and the ML-105. They have the code names ID0148 (ML-100) and ID0149 (ML-105). The “ID” is the codename for a Canon video camera, the Cinema EOS C70 is ID0147 internally at Canon.

What are these cameras? They could be something new or new versions of the ME20F-SH and ME200S-SH, very niche and expensive cameras.

EkUtCgoU8AAKwm1 728x170 - Unreleased Canon ML-100 and ML-105 video cameras hit certification

Pansonic just released their “box video camera” with the DC-BGH1 and perhaps these are to compete with the DC-BGH1. The new Panasonic retails for $1,999 USD.

The Canon ME20F-SH retails for $19,999 and the ME200S-SH retails for $4,999, so they are definitely playing in a different price bracket.

I haven't heard anything specifications wise, but hopefully, that changes shortly.

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  1. Dash cams

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    I had Bugatti put a forward-facing and rear-facing ME20F-SH setup on my Chiron. I had to wait a while, the oil change on the Chiron cost about as much as the cameras... so I skipped one and put the cameras in instead. I had to promise Bugatti I wouldn't drive the car for 3 months and get the oil changed then, such a headache, my kids had to bus to school. Now I need tires, selling all my RF gear and taking a second mortgage, but it's worth it.

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