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Update on the Canon USA vs Grey Market Retailers Legal Action

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According to Photography Bay, Canon USA has filed an amended complaint against F&E Trading (BigValueInc, Electronic Valley & Others).

Photography Bay explains the amended complaint:

In its Amended Complaint, Canon USA doesn’t really add on any additional egregious actions, but rather takes aim at pinning the alleged misconduct on Albert Houllou, who appears to be the principal owner/operator of F & E Trading.

As someone who used to practice corporate law, I can tell you that it is always a big win to get an individual (typically an owner or executive) on the hook for the wrongdoing (aka “piercing the corporate veil”). This allows the plaintiff (e.g., Canon USA) to hold a person (not just a company) personally liable for the wrongdoing. If you can get at a person’s assets, then you can apply a whole lot more pressure in settlement negotiations or drive them into bankruptcy.

According to Photography Bay, the following YouTube video is being cited by Canon USA as proof that Albert Houllou is the controlling party for all of the companies’ actions.

Read the full breakdown and view the amended complaint at Photography Bay.

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