I have been corrected, apparently all rebates start on Sundays.

thanks John

Joy to the money
Received an email today in which someone claimed  a retailer let them know the rebates would begin on Monday. Some kind of combo program.

i.e. Buy a 1Ds Mark III and 800 f/5.6L IS and receive $50

….. ok, hopefully better than that.

thanks james


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  1. I received the 135 F:/2 L today, and took a few snapshots. You were right, it is simply amazing, I had no idea of how sharp it really is. I plan to use it for stage photography, and it will get its first workout at a dance recital tomorrow.

    Without IS, I will really have to support it well in low light, or use a flash, but outdoors, even wide open its sharp. I also put a 1.x X extender on it. Only a slight degradation, still as sharp as my 70-200 2.8 IS.

    I’m not very good at holding the camera absolutely still, but I will be forced to learn.

  2. We’ll see. When stuff sits on shelves too long sales start happening. I’m sure that’s why the rebates are happening.

  3. with the Canon Rebates, its a standard thing that has been going on for many years. Prices are raised twice a year, and right after we have the rebates.

    Not to say that they don’t use it to get rid of slow selling stock, but some of their fastest sellers are rebated as well. Those are high profit items like the 200mm F:/2 lenses.

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