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001 270x300 - USA Rebates
Spend the savings on your significant other.

It appears the 70-200 f/2.8L will have a $200 rebate and there will be an $80 rebate on the 24-70. I'm sure other “L” glass will be included as well. I haven't seen the 100-400 or 35L on a rebate program in a while (in Canada), it'll be interesting to see if it shows up now.

I would expect to see a “buy more, save more” type of rebate program in Canada as well. The current rebate scheme is pretty lame.

I have no information about rebate programs in Europe. I rarely hear about those before they happen. Feel free to let me know if you work in retail.

thanks steven


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  1. Roger That Photography on

    Any rumors/info about rebate on the 70-200 2.8L NON-IS?? That’s the lens at the top of my shopping list.

  2. That is my receipt for the lens I purchased. I don’t know why it says “trade-in” on it. I did not trade ANYTHING in when I purchased this lens, it was a $200 instant rebate…period. I was told if I wanted the IS version the SAME rebate would apply.

  3. These items are currently in extremely short supply, and we needed to supplement our stock in order to try and satisfy our customers’ requirements – the alternative is to remove them from our inventory for the time being.

    To try to meet demand, we took a decision to start buying stock from small vendors (who in turn have been furiously buying up stock from dealers across the USA), and wholesale it.

    It has nothing, I repeat NOTHING to do with the rebates. Nor are we trying to price gouge our customers.

  4. Thanks, a rebate is now available. Today I purchased the highly rated 200mm f/2.0 canon lens for $4800 USD ($500 rebate) from the most reputable camera store (B&H).

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