Anhui China, 6 October, 2022 – Venus Optics, the camera lens manufacturer that has been endeavouring to invent unique lenses, is now releasing 2 new cine macro lenses:

  • Laowa 65mm T2.9 2X Macro APO Cine (Super 35) – Fujifilm X / Sony E/ / Nikon Z / Canon EF-M
  • Laowa 100mm T2.9 2X Ultra Macro APO Cine (Full Frame) – PL / Sony E / Canon EF / Canon RF / L mount

The 2 lenses offer up to an exceptional 2X magnification which can barely be found on the market. Providing cinematographers with higher flexibility in shooting subjects of different sizes. With an APO design, the lenses render quality images without chromatic aberration. Greatly reduce the effort for post-editing, especially for macro shots. Both the 65mm and the 100mm have a T2.9 large aperture for not just creating a shallower depth of field, but also good for low light situations. Make ready for professional use, the focusing ring and the step-less aperture ring are all equipped with industrial standard 0.8 mod gear. A 77mm filter thread is on both lenses so the cinematographers can choose between screw-in filters or using matte boxes. The weight of the two lenses is respectively 550g and 957g for 65mm and 100mm. With the competitive price of USD599 for 65mm and USD999 for 100mm, these lenses would be perfect for all sorts of commercials or cine productions.

Up to 2X magnification

The 2:1 magnification is rarely found in the market. It allows cinematographers to capture rich macro details of the subject. From capturing wildlife, product closeup or anything that needs an immersive perspective, both lenses would offer stunning image quality. Being able to focus to infinity, the 65mm and 100mm can also use for portrait shots. Minimum focusing distance of 17cm (6.69″) and 24.7cm (9.7″) respectively for 65mm and 100mm when shooting 2X macro.

Apochromat (APO) design

The 65mm and 100mm also inherited the excellent APO design as most of the Laowa macro lenses do, effectively eliminating both lateral and longitudinal chromatic aberrations in the frame. Greatly reduce the amount of effort in post-editing.

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Outstanding Image Quality

Both lenses deliver stunning details and contrast from centre to corner even when using a wide-open aperture. These two professional prime lenses are built to deliver exceptional resolution and sharpness.

Smooth and Pleasant Bokeh

The 65mm is equipped with a 9-blade diaphragm and a 13-blade on the 100mm. Both lenses can create round and attractive blurring. A stunning background separation for the key object can be easily done.

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Built for Professional

Both lenses have been optimized for cinematic production. Hugely improve efficiency and achieve a smoother workflow.

Industry-standard 0.8 mod gear is installed on both the aperture ring and focus ring. A step-less aperture has been used.

With a 77mm front filter thread (available on both 65mm & 100mm), cinematographers now have an option to choose between screw-in filters or a matte box. Both imperial and metric scales are printed on the lens body.


Laowa 65mm T2.9 2X Macro APO CineLaowa 100mm T2.9 2X Macro APO Cine
Focal Length65mm100mm
Angle of View24.4°26.1°
T Stop RangeT2.9-22T2.9-22
Format CompatibilityS35Full Frame
Lens Structure14 elements in 10 groups12 elements in 10 groups
Aperture Blades 913
Min. Focusing Distance17 cm24.7cm
Min. Working Distance8 cm7.1cm
Max. Magnification2X2X
Focus Throw249°220°
Filter Thread77mm77mm
Dimensions84.8 x 103mm85.6 x 139mm
MountsCanon EF-M / Fujifilm X/

Sony E/ Nikon Z

Arri PL / Sony E /

Canon EF / Canon R /

L mount

Pricing & Availability

Laowa 65mm T2.9 2X Macro APO Cine & Laowa 100mm T2.9 2X Macro APO Cine are currently available to purchase via Venus Optics official website ( ) and authorized resellers.

The US price for Laowa 65mm T2.9 2X Macro APO Cine is USD 599 for all mounts, and for Laowa 100mm T2.9 2X Macro APO Cine is USD 999 for all mounts. Pricing varies in different countries.

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