It looks like Venus Optics is at it again with another interesting and unique lens design for macro shoots, this time in the form of the Laowa Aurogon 10x-50x “microscope” lens.

This lens has a similar form factor to the Venus Optics Laowa 24mm f/14 Probe, which is a fun lens in its own right.

Other details are scarce at the moment, but we don't have long to wait for the official announcement.

Most of the Laowa lineup has RF mount variants, so we expect this to also be available for Canon mirrorless shooters.

laowaaurogon1050teaser 576x1024 - Venus Optics will announce the Laowa Aurogon 10x-50x "microscope" lens on July 17, 2023
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  1. The first two are easy enough, it's the third which is tricky.
    Which is exactly what is stopping me from buying or building a slider. Semi-flat house flies and mosquito smears stop being interesting quite fast :)
  2. I bought the original probe lens for work and if you have invested in a good slider and use the right lens support system with a focal focus you can get some great professional shots. I\'d use it more if it didn\'t take so long to setup. That and the lens doesn\'t deliver the best contrast or color and you need a ton of light. I reach for my RF100/2.8 or even just some extender tubes 90% of the time I shoot Macro for clients.

    Don\'t think I\'ll be investing in this new lens because I don\'t really have a need for such high magnification. Might rent for a weekend. I\'m thinking about having a play with Laowa\'s new and very cheap tilt-shift lens, just to see if it\'s worth investing in a better solution.

    A really minor gripe, but Laowa have also stopped making EF mount lenses which is frustrating as most of these gimmicky lenses are not photo quality, but are great for video. EF and PL mount are still cine standard. Also, the EF to RF speed booster is invaluable for that extra stop of light for a Super 35 sensor.
  3. It seems more practical but it is not really a "probe lens" unless it can fit in small places.
    I guess that is why they are calling it a "microscope lens"
    I wonder what the aperture range will be.
    Microscope objectives don't have variable apertures, so I wouldn't expect that here as it would make zero sense. Are you really concerned about going from .01mm depth of field to .011mm?!
  4. Whooo, NA of 0.5... so a half-angle of 30°. That is pretty close working distance, but not obscenely close. Still will be challenge to light a subject. Still, I'm really interested in this one. Paired with a good automated rail system, it could be some real fun.
  5. Curious if any of you all can recommend a good automated rail system. Very happy to hear it's only about $1250 (thanks for link above). Was expecting much worse. The sample images show OK quality, which I can't properly judge, not knowing at what magnification they're at.

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