EF Mount Video?
I received a pretty difficult to understand email about an EF mount video camera solution. Whether it's an adaptor or a new camera is unknown.

“It would be announced soon”.

New Flash
A new flash we've spoken about for a while. The 580 EX II replacement was delayed due to issues in design. The new flash is close and will provide a higher guide number and “innovative creative modes”. What those are is unknown.

NAB Around The Corner
NAB is just around the corner and we haven't seen any invitations to Canon press events. If we don't see anything announced on Tuesday, there's probably nothing for NAB.

I'll still be there and reporting on the third party accessories that are hitting the market.

Release/Announcement Dates
For the moment I am not going to speculate on release dates, most information I'm receiving is saying announcements dates really are unknown currently.

I apparently have to remind a few folks that Canon Rumors does not think new camera stuff is more important than the tragedy in Japan. I wish the country the best recovery possible.


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