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What do YOU Think is Coming at PMA?

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I want to hear what you folks think is coming for PMA?

Rumors have been few and far between, will that mean PMA won’t bring us too many goodies? I’ll keep trying to find out.

My Predictions based on the best rumors I have will be up shortly.


80 responses to “What do YOU Think is Coming at PMA?”

  1. 500/5.6 DO lens around 2k? everytime they throw DO in they arguably screw up IQ (compared to traditional L) and more importantly skyrocket the price… that lens will be at least mid 4ks…. I hope they stop with the DO stuff already and just make some nice, normal (IS) lenses.

  2. NOT a 24-105 f/4 MkII! Why on earth would Canon replace such a superb lens after only three years. I’ve seen this lens, with a older 5D and a 30×40 and it is amazingly sharp! People are getting silly in this technology age thinking everything is junk after a few years!

  3. Have you ever used the 400mm f/4 DO IS? It is overpriced, but it is an excellent lens.

    I do agree that if a 500mm f/5.6 DO IS is introduced, the price would be in the $5K range. However, given that the DO lenses appear to be mostly targeted at professionals who are willing to pay $$$$, a 600mm f/4.0 DO IS at $10K price point is the more likely DO lens Canon would introduce.

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