Canon EOS Rumors

What I Know

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Not much
1) If there is a camera tomorrow, it’s the closest guarded camera I’ve run into. None of my CR3 sources have said a thing. I don’t initiate contact with them, I just wait for emails. Nothing has shown up.

2) DigitalREV had a post on their twitter account that tomorrow was about a workshop and not a camera launch. That twitter post has since been removed, what’s that mean?

3) We still have the missing camera ID from the 1D Mark IV firmware.

4) 1D Mark IV reviews are getting out fast from folks.

5) I can’t believe Canon is going to WPPI with a Rebel T2i, a 70-200 f/2.8L IS II and nothing else. They have the biggest booth at the event.

I won’t be sleeping tonight. I hope our CR2 stuff comes to pass, but I’m fully prepared to eat crow at this point.

Just going to develop some film (gah! film!), and wait for my email sound to chime. New EOS-1v? :)